Treatment process

Four problem solving courts in Ada County are administered by the Problem Solving Court team, whose activities are directed by the highly regarded Fourth Judicial District Court Judges listed below:

The Problem Solving Courts team meets regularly to review requests to be admitted to Drug Court. The evaluation takes into consideration current charges, substance abuse history, criminal/military history, and other risk factors. All of these factors help predict likely outcomes, treatment success, and recidivism.

Once admitted, participants will work with Clinical Staff to formulate a master service plan, which addresses each participant’s specific strengthens and needs as they begin their recovery. In addition to counseling, participants are expected to attend AA or NA meetings. This, combined with regular Urine Analysis testing, helps the participant recover and helps the Drug Court team monitor compliance with program rules.

A pivotal part of Drug Court is a non-adversarial court room, rewards for good behavior, and sanctions for non-compliance. Rewards range from a Mr. Goodbar candy bar to drawings of prizes, while sanctions range from community service to jail time.

During treatment, participants are in one of four phases, each with a different focus, all with the goal of helping the participant lead a successful drug & alcohol free life.

When all requirements in a phase are meant, participant’s petition to ‘phase up;’ when all requirements of the program are met—including paying drug court fees and restitution—the participant graduates from the program.